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            Even Santa loves my Santas!!!
Custom Santa (aka.... Bill Brookins) my baby brother


Group Shots for July  07 "Artist in Action" show in Kirkland, WA


Santa has been a passion of mine for many years. I love the idea of  a wonderful gentle person who gives without thought of return. But I could never find any figures of the person I knew him to be. That idea and the love of wood carving inspired me to create my own Santas

Monterey Bay Santa

My husband has recently become involved with Sea Otters in the Monterey Bay. He studies, photographs , and talks about the otters with anyone who will listen. It only seems natural I started adding them to my Santas.  I love the result.

A friend said the beard of the one Santa with Sea Otter reminds him of King Neptune. That is one of those wonderful surprises that happen with sharing the Santas I love with other people (yes, one of the Santas does have a dog)